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Industry’s Highest Satisfaction & Safety Rates

We've proudly served over 4 million kilometers while maintaining an exceptional 4.8/5 satisfaction rate from end-users across 9 markets over the past 3 years. We prioritize safety and fraud prevention through robust features including driver's license verification and biometric authentication check-ups to ensure safety for both renters and operators.

  • The easiest way to run B2C, B2B and P2P operations with a strong brand 📈 
  • No IoT/OBD devices required 🧰
  • Launch exceptionally fast 🚀
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Tech-Driven Innovation

→ Developed in-house to match real needs
→ Native real-time integration with Tesla API
→ Automated payments
→ Systematized fraud prevention features

Seamless UX

→ Emphasis on Uptime and Rapid Debugging
→ Fluid User Flows
→ Swift KYC & Driver’s License Verification
→ Intuitive Application Interface

Premium Positioning

→ Enhanced Profit Margins
→ Strengthened Brand Loyalty and Advocacy
→ Distinct Competitive Differentiation
→ Focused Target Market Strategy

B2C, B2B and P2P

Complete Solutions in a Single App

We support all customer profile needs, whether dealing with direct consumers, businesses, or peer-to-peer interactions.

Instant Rentals

Everyone wants smooth experiences:
→ Open the app, rent a vehicle, get in ⏱️


→ No physical handover required: Just deliver the vehicle at the booked location 📍
→ Passionately enjoyed by airport travellers ✈️
→ Enable the international travel option – our systems support starting & ending in different locations and countries 🌍


→ Automated subscription rentals 🗓️
For full service rental offerings or just those who want to rent for longer.


→ World's first premium P2P solution via Tesla SSO 🤝
Grow your fleet by sharing revenue or profits with private owners & other businesses.




million kilometers


tonnes of CO₂ avoided

Completely Out-of-the-Box and Ready to Go 🚀

One Dashboard for All Operations

Operational efficiency is easy thanks to our intuitive Backoffice, designed to provide a complete view of fleet operations.

  • Fleet Management Tasks
    A modernized way to manage all fleet related tasks and assign them to the right team members to maintain smooth and reliable service.
  • Real-time Vehicle Status Monitoring
    Provide confidence with real-time oversight on each vehicle's status, ensuring timely and informed decisions and outstanding service reliability.
  • Vehicle Condition Overview Tabs
    Enable detailed monitoring of vehicle conditions during each rental, helping to effectively manage fleet health and enable quick maintenance actions.
  • Comprehensive Analytics
    Leverage advanced analytics to make data-driven decisions that optimize fleet performance and boost profitability
No paperwork, no keys, rent a Tesla with ease

Effortless Transaction Management

Safe Deposit Features

Our automatic deposit system safeguards your payments and mitigates risks by adding a crucial layer of security to service transactions.

Stripe Integrations

We've built comprehensive Stripe integrations to enable rapid and secure payment processing, maintaining smooth and reliable financial operations on a global scale.

Apple & Google Pay

Customers enjoy fast, simple, and delightful transactions using Google and Apple Pay, ensuring a hassle-free payment experience.

Dashboard Management

Efficiently oversee and manage all details via the dashboard, which provides a comprehensive overview and direct control of each user, vehicle, rental, and payment status.

Easily Engage with Customers

Supercharged Growth

Use our in-app gamification tools to naturally boost word-of-mouth referrals and increase app downloads. Connect with users through meaningful notifications and news updates, adjusting content based on their language, location, and/or loyalty. 

  • Organic Growth Features
  • Quality Engagement Options
  • Scale-Up Support
Comprehensive, Fair, and Transparent


Franchising in 1 Location

Onboarding Fee +
€99 +VAT
per Vehicle, per Month
  • Onboarding
  • Base Integrations
  • Data Migration
  • App Store Listings
  • Full Functionality of Rental App
  • Fleet Management
  • Comprehensive Analytics
  • Marketing Tools
  • Safety & Security Functions
  • Ongoing Feature and Infrastructure Upgrades

Franchising in Multiple Markets

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Subject to Custom Terms
  • Onboarding
  • Base Integrations
  • Data Migration
  • App Store Listings
  • Full Functionality of Rental App
  • Fleet Management
  • Comprehensive Analytics
  • Marketing Tools
  • Safety & Security Functions
  • Ongoing Feature and Infrastructure Upgrades
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